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Gallery will be returning, but please read.

White Fox

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You folks are probably wondering what is going on with the Gallery. Why is it not coming back on as soon as you would like. What is the holdup. etc.


Well, the Gallery will be returning. However, the problem is that the whole of the Gallery is cluttered with files with names including square brackets and spaces. We have to clear all of that out before we can bring it back. And you can imagine the amount of time it takes to do that with 15,000 pictures! It is a huge job and pretty much up to AK to do it.


***When the Gallery returns, we will be disallowing long file names, file names with square brackets, and discouraging file names with spaces.


We often have people telling us we have too many rules here. Folks we try not to, but we can make a rule here on this and enforce it, and have a tremendous gallery that is even far better than it is now. 20,000 photos. 30,000. Who knows! Or we can decide to not put this rule in place and probably have no further new photo posts allowed in our Gallery.


I hope that you will be with me in wanting the former.


If a new member unknowingly posts a picture and/or forgets about this we will give a warning. We do not want to be mean here. We might even forgive an "Old Guy" like me now and then. (God, I can't even remember where I parked my car when I came in the house tonight! I'll have to hunt for the damned thing tomorrow.) However, from now on, we will be forced to delete any pictures from members who do not follow this rule.


The easiest way to think of this is to simply use a file name for the photo that is words and numbers only with no spaces. Then you are always ok.


Now then when will the Gallery return? We do not know yet. We were seriously close to very severe problems with it before the site rebuild. So we have to get these problems taken care of. We hope it will be back possibly within a week to ten day time frame. But as of now we cannot give the time. It may be a bit sooner. It could certainly also be longer if problems persist.


We will do our best to get it back quickly and keep you informed.


And once again, all we need do to avoid this again in the future is avoid square brackets. Change spaces in file names by deleting them or using a dash or line. And try to keep names to no more than 20 characters. Even 12 only if possible.


Thanks folks for your time.

White Fox

Administrator and Owner of the Fur Den

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