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OK. Give us your furriers. We need your help.

White Fox

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OK folks. You have hopefully seen our new "Furriers List" page in our "Links" area. Just click the "Links" button, and then "Furriers" if you have not.


We really need your help. Please write down any furrier/furstore/department store with furs etc. that you know of. Then, check to see if they are on the list in our links Furrier page.


If they are not please check to see if those furriers that you know of have a web site. If they do, and if they are not on our list please post their names and their web site URL in a reply here. You can also PM me, but it will be easier to use a reply here if you do not mind. If it is a department store that has furs on their web site from time to time that is great too. Just include their name and web site.


Also, please free to rate them from 1 to 6 or "Gold Star" if you wish. We hope that you will help us to make these ratings very reliable.


Also, if you would like to recommend any of those, or any on our list as being particularly good furriers, please do so. I can then place a red "Member recommended" tab beside their name.


If we all work together we can make this a terrific links area. But please realize that we are a long way from that yet. We still have a long, long way to go to get these pages to where people will come here just to see them. If you folks just do nothing, then our goal will NOT be reached. But if you do just a little research, and help us out, this can be a terrific asset to this web site!


If you are a lurker and not a member here, just give me a quick email at [email protected]

I promise that you will not be contacted in any way except for possibly a brief word of thanks for your help in making this a tremendous web site.


I really hope to be bogged down for the next few days transferring replies to this post! I truly mean that!


White Fox


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Wow. Looks like I found a link not on the list. Some nice pictures and general fur information available at the site!


Edit by White. Yep, will be on our list in about 15 minutes. Have a look at that Dictionary!





Here's another one I did not find on the list. Some interesting designs.




And here's another ...




And yet another (this one from Down Under) ...




Last one ... Enjoy ...

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