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Heading to chat

White Fox

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I went into the chat area.. 8.55 pm US time and 5.45 am UK time.. had a two sec conversation and everyone ran away...


boo hoo Do I smell or something?




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I think you might have just hit the end of a conversation taking place. I cannot remember British times for certain but think that might be the case. I try to get in at nights some time. Maybe though we can make it on a Sunday some time or something and I can make it earlier.



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This does bring up some questions.


1) Is it possible that we can negotiate a predetermined "Chat Night" for Den Mates to come and talk?


2) How can we work this out with respect to world time zones?


I like the idea of Sunday nights. The best times for me to chat are generally between the hours of 10:00 PM and 12:00 Midnight, Eastern USA time. (GMT -5 hrs.)


But what about those who live in other parts of the world? 10:00 PM in Pennsylvania is the same as 3:00 AM in London but it's only 7:00 PM in Los Angeles. People in one part of the world would have to stay up late or get up early just to talk with other Den Mates in another part of the world. That could get tedious!


Can we get people to chime in with their best possible times to chat?

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