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White Fox

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The first stage of the rebuild of the Furriers Links page is now close to completed. It should be complete by tonight. The second stage will be to add another 125 links or so that we have had filed away to it.


***However, we have two things we could use your help with.

First off, I hope that every member will take some time and write down the names of each furrier that they can think of in their area. Then, check to see if they have a web site. For now just jot that information down. In a few days when we have this next stage completed, you can see if the furriers that you have written down are on our links page. If they are not you can forward those names to us.


With your help we can really make this a fantastic page. And all it will take is a few moments to write down the furriers that you know and give them to us. The web site does not need to be huge. Remember that a one page web site might turn into a 50 page one next year. If they have a web site of any type, write it down.


***Secondly. The last stage of this will involve reorganizing the furriers page. We would like to know how YOU might like to see it organized. Alphabetical yet all on one page? A few pages with different letters on each? Organized by country? Continent? etc.


You can let me know your thoughts on how to organize this by PM at any time. For now just write down the names of the furriers with web sites that you know. Be ready to post them when I open a new thread on that. I would like to keep them all in one separate thread here.


Thanks all

White Fox

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