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White Fox

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OK folks.


IF you know how to post a larger than normal thumbnail image and make it load very quickly, we will allow you to do this until our Gallery returns. But please - if you are asking yourself if you know how to do this, you probably don't. These images must have their file size reduced, and be JPG. Please remember the following.


#1. This is only IF you know how to post an image that loads quickly.

#2. We will allow small numbers of these. No more than one per post.

#3. Please realize we still like images to go to our Gallery. Those in our forums are simply lost forever taking up space needlessly while people never find them.

#4. There are dial up members using this forum. If we see a large file here, mods will be forced to remove it! Instantly.

#5. And lastly, These can be bigger than our normal thumbnails, but please do not post any huge photos. If you wonder if it is too big, IT IS.


First off, I am making a unilateral decision here as site owner. This is only temporary. But after reading Paul's message I realize that we should do this until our Gallery returns. We are not going to make a complicated set of rules for only a few days. Please just use your own discretion on this and all will be ok. The minute the Gallery opens again we go back to Thumbnails only in the fur sections of our web site.



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