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Golden Oldies - Norma Shearer


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"The First Lady of MGM"

If you ask me The Furs Lady of MGM sounds better.







Sorry links here removed due to site being removed and links containing a real personal name.

Edits by White Fox, Admin.


www.divasthesite.com/images/Norma_Shear ... ell_10.jpg




links removed


www.divasthesite.com/images/Norma_Shear ... own_48.JPG


Links removed.



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Well done Furpunk2!!!!!!


The really beautiful ladies; Norma, Lucille, Irene et al. Ladies who really knew how to wear fur in the days when everyone desired furs; oh i wish they would return.


Are you a fan of the Hollywood golden era of furs; i have collected loads but their is no way of posting them. From experience i find most fur lovers aren't really interested in this era

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Am I a fan of the "golden era" of Hollywood furs? I wasn`t before but having started what looks like becoming a bit of a massive project I think I might be coming round.

To my eyes a beautiful fur is a beautiful fur whatever era it comes from but I have been struck by the fact that a lot of the pics from the 1920s and 1930s seem somehow to have an aura of indefinible `class` about them that a lot of modern-day pics don`t. Very subjective and unscientific I know , but that`s just my humble opinion. I`m probably biased anyway since I`m a complete pushover for big white foxes and there seems to have been so many more of them around back then.

I`m not sure about other furlovers not appreciating this era , I`m not coming at this from any position of experience since the only other furlovers I know are here on this site! I hope if it is the case that most of it is born of innocent ignorance - not being a huge film fan I hadn`t heard of a lot of the actresses from the silent era before I started these searches and it`s a bit sad to note that some who were household names in their day are all but forgotten today , in some cases even to the point where there are no surviving copies of their most famous films.

And would I like a return to this "golden era" when no Hollywood starlet would be seen without her fur? Silly question.........

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  • 4 years later...

This is a fantastic example of why we love to see photos loaded into our Gallery and information in our wiki rather than simply linked here.


We certainly realize that you cannot always do that and we certainly welcome info here if that is the case.


However, in cases where you can, if you can post in the Gallery and link to it, it is so much better. The links above were found and finding them I am sure took a whole lot of work. I cannot believe how much work you folks go through in finding such info for the rest of us to enjoy. If they had been in our Gallery, members here would still be able to see and enjoy them. However, now they are no longer available.


Again, if you cannot do that for some reason that is ok. We do understand. And we certainly welcome such posts here.


But it is so much better to post into our Gallery so that all photos are there for others to enjoy in the future if possible.



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Back then, did we have the Gallery?
Excellent point.

This site opened with just the forums in February of 2006. I believe the Gallery was not available before April or May of 2006.

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Doing my humble (and easy!) bit, hopefully someone will shoulder the hard part:)


th_75741_Shearer9_Norma_04_122_2lo.jpg th_63927_norma_shearer_1936_01__by_george_hurrell_122_577lo.jpg th_47572_NSMA_04_122_581lo.jpg th_47994_NSMA_15_122_482lo.jpg


The first two images are hosted at imagevenue while the last two are at photobucket. In my experience, images posted at imagevenue tend to stay for a long time, whereas photobucket is much more unreliable.

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