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Copenhagen, two grey fur coats, not sure what they are?


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and....it may be selfish of me, but there were people here that could see flkr.


my stats showed hits from here.

Of course I want to be a good citizen and the furs wont be on flkr any more.


the one i sent is not my photo....but a member who is contact of mine, Makes it even more hairy


Some cant be downloaded except by owner...if they cant be...then they cant be and i wll not send them.


what do you think?

maybe if i put flkr photo in the post title

if someone is not member of flk then they wont be disappointed.


anyway, i bend to the will of the masters.

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What ever you have you can upload them.


If there is something wrong with them or questionable then we can delete them.


They get all kinds of scrutiny from the other Mods as well as me.


There are other Flikr and web shots in The Gallery.




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" they may not be able to be taken off of flkr url"...if the member has it set to 'NO DOWNLOAD BUT ME" there would be tiny tiny gif...you can't see. That is what I meant...some have a problem.


I cant take a photo off... of some of the photos in flkr, they are set that they can not be downloaded...by me, or anyone but owner.


this particular photo would never be seen by someone in your group, CRUISING flkr for furs.

as they had no tags keyword "fur"...to search engine. I have it, because they are contacts of mine, and every photo my contacts UPLOAD...come thru my email


So, i can only send the flker url if the person has it set for NO DOWNLOAD....and

if that is not alright....then i wont send them.

So I'm saying...I will download, if possible to gallery...but if set for no no , then DO YOU WANT THE FLKR URL FOR THE PICTURE?



I will check each photo that has fur , that i find...and IF I CAN DOWNLOAD THEM...THEY ARE NOT BLOCKED FROM DOWNLOAD


i can put them in the gallery myself...WHEN I FIND OUT HOW?

and people can just see them here.


Do you get me.

If i can i can....if i cant...THEN DO YOU WANT THE URL TO THE PHOTO ON FLKR?


I am active on flkr but personally, there will be few shots of me to come that i havent taken yet in my black fox and one that i have in a real

cheetah on me. Have to find the album


sorry, im rambling.

been sitting here for five hours.

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