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Fur shows


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One of the things that annoys me is that us fur lovers aren't allowed in the fur shows that happen round the world because they are trade only. I have been thinking a lot about this and I have come up with an idea.


What if we formed a fur appreciation society called for the sake of the argument "The Fur Appreciation Society" (if you have a better name don't hesitate to mention it ) we could then ask the organisers to let in one or more of our members who could take photographs and report back to us on the show. The shows do have photos and reports but I think one of us would be better able to take photos and maybe even interview the participants from a fur lovers perspective!


What do you all think about this idea?


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I think its a great idea!


I'm not sure at all it can work but not bad.


I have been invited to see some shows. They are a lot of fun. And so sexy. Its a real turn on and hard to focus sometimes. I wish I could go see them again. But I wasn't exactly doing what the organizer thought I was doing so the invitation stoped!


Anyway, good luck with the idea!



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I don't see any reason why, if you are a good customer, you couldn't ask your furrier to get you an invitation to a fur show.


I don't know, really. This is just a guess. But, if I was a furrier and I had a customer who spent good money in my store I'd be willing to do them a favor like that.


I spoke to this guy, Marco, from the "Fur Fashion Warehouse" on 29th St. in New York who said he puts on fur fashion shows right in his store. They clear the sales floor, set up a portable stage and set up a dressing room... The whole nine yards!


If you know one of those furriers who has a fur show it probably wouldn't be too hard to get an invitation if you ask politely enough.


If you're a good customer it would be silly NOT to let you in!

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