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I was in NYC last week and in my hotel (the Sheraton) they happened to have a fur and shearling sample sale. I went to have a look but they didn't have any fox coats or jackets. When I was talking to one of the ladies there I said to her that a furrier in Paris had told me fox was out of fashion and mink was in. She agreed with that and told me that fox was in the "past" and that mink was more flattering. Has anyone else been told that? Is my favourite fur out of fashion ? I didn't get a chance to go to any of the furriers in the fur district so i couldn't ask them.



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Remember that what is in fashion is what is on that furrier's shelf to sell.


One furrier told me that this year the exhibits were pretty much filled with Lynx and Fox. Lynx especially was coming back in.


One thing though. Women tend to be hung up on black mink looking good for formal occasions. And, after all that is when they think of wearing fur. So in the long run, that will keep it popular. Just my thought anyhow.



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Of the woman I've known - either dated or women who were just my friends, coworkers, etc. - the majority owned mink. One had a raccoon, one a mink and a blue fox. Another a silver fox.


I don't really think of a black mink as a 'formal fur' - although I certainly understand your point. I find a black mink tends to be though of as more of a 'power fur' especially amongst women working in the financial sector.



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One furrier told me that this year the exhibits were pretty much filled with Lynx and Fox. Lynx especially was coming back in.


You aren't just whistling Dixie!


Judging from what I saw last week in the Fur District, lynx is BIG this year!


One furrier showed me his warehouse and he pulled out a gigantic box just FILLED with lynx pelts! It was about 5-6 feet long, 2 feet wide and about 18 inches deep. That whole box was just CRAMMED FULL of cat pelts! By the label on the outside of the box it said "94 kilos". That's more than 200 pounds! I bet there were 200 or 300 pelts in there, easily!


The guy picked up a bundle of pelts and said, "You want 'cat' coat? I make you 'cat' coat!"


If you are a lynx lover I'm sure you'll be seeing lots of it very soon!


With that in mind... In regard to styles...


What's "In Style" often has a lot to do with what a seller has in stock.


For this guy, lynx is "In Style". If another guy doesn't have any lynx to sell, he's not going to tell you it's in style.


From my tour of the Fur District last week, there are still a few furriers who have lots of fox on their racks but many of the smaller, more "boutique" furriers don't have a lot of it. There were a lot of minks to be seen.


Another thing:


The terms "In Style" or "Out of Style" tend to be pretty relativistic. People in the fashion world also tend to have a "herd mentality".


If a big name like Yves Saint Laurent stands up and says, "This fur is 'In Style'..." other designers will tend to follow. Maybe YSL (or his suppliers) had a lot of mink this year and couldn't get any good fox pelts, for some silly reason. Of COURSE he's not going to say that fox is "In"! He can't sell fox! But then other designers will tend to take their cues from him and start making furs to compete with what they believe the trend is.


The truth is that "Style" probably means a lot less to the average guy on the street than it does to people in the fashion industry.


To the "Average Joe" it means only what's available in stores at a given time. To the "Fashionistas" it means a whole different thing.

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