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Got my Red & Cross Fox spread from American Furs in Quebec finally.


One mistake. The person putting it together forgot the wool flannel lining and used a rayon like backing


He's sending the flannel back and I'll have someone here put it on.


It's otherwise fantastic. The fur is fabulous and very cozy on these cold nights.


The days have been cold and damp as the Northwest is want to be in winter. This has prompted me to wear my new hooded Lynx lined Timberland jacket.


Boy have I been getting super positive responses on this one


From the cute Teller at my bank to one of my Lawyers. She wants one.


Even the guys at the office are complementing me on it.


It's not subtle


Pictures of all this soon.




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I have been a member of the this fur forum for a long time, before it was merged with the Fur Den and had posted on several occassions. The reason I am posting today is that as each fur season starts the same old problem rears its ugly head.

I have become quite amused as to the ramblings of all us males and the guilt we put ourselves through concerning the subject of wearing an outer garment. Gentlemen what is the problem. Most people's idea of dressing up is putting on white running shoes and a sweat suit. At least if you wear your fur it will show that you actually took the time to wear something decent. Most negative comments come from people who should have looked in a mirror or at least taken a shower before going out. I have been a fur wearer since my wife bought me my first fur back in 1975, a second hand raccoon coat. My fur passion goes back to my early teens. We have a great collection of coats and I for one do not feel out of place when Im wearing a fur. Also I do not wear thin coats but full coyote and wolf coats.

We have become so worried about what everyone else thinks - Politically correct - that we are taking away any chance we have of enjoying our interest/passion. We have become slaves to what the media projects as important people - models, movie stars, etc. that we have forgotten that it is the common man that makes the world go round and we are or have given ourselves to this idea - farmers, truck drivers, construction, etc..

I appreciate that I have rambled on somewhat but before it becomes to late, guys get out there with your coat(s) and enjoy yourselves, the season is way to short.

It is going to be cold almost everywhere this weekend so let show some fur.

Enjoy yourselves



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My wife was reluctant to get a fur coat at first. Not because she had a problem with fur but because she wasn't sure we should spend the money and she wasn't sure she would like a fur coat well enough to be worth it.


I solved problem #1 by saving $10-$20 per week to put into the "fur fund."

Spending the money wasn't so difficult knowing that we had saved our pennies just to buy something nice.


Problem #2 seems to be solving itself.


We received the coat a couple of days ago. The temperature was around 30

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