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It's HERE!

Worker 11811

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Our package from G. Michael Hennessy arrived yesterday!


We opened it right after dinner and tried on my wife's new coat!


It's a full length espresso dyed long-hair beaver coat with fox tuxedo trim. It comes with a matching headband.

48 inches long with a 70 inch sweep.


It's very nice! I love the long, silky guard hair and it's wonderful to feel the soft underfur. The fox trim is really, really soft!


The color is dark espresso brown but, depending on the way the light hits it, the fur appears brown or black. The guard hairs give it a sparkly effect when the light glints off them.


We were sitting on the sofa, watching TV after dinner and she decided it was a little too chilly. She reached for the fleece blanket that we keep over the arm of the couch but, after a moment, we got a BETTER idea!

So, we ended up snuggling on the sofa with a few of our favorite Bears, all warm and toasty under our new fur coat! It was nice!


When it came time to get up off the sofa she didn't want to give it up!

"You seem to be STUCK under that fur!", I said.

"It's all nice and warm!" she said with a grin!


The weather is supposed to get REALLY cold this weekend. We're supposed to see temperatures of 15

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On the inside of the coat, sewn into the right side rear lining there are two strips of fabric sewn in. They look like they are meant to tie something up.

Can anybody clue us in?


could you be more specific? photos would be nice...

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Exactly that I think Worker. They are made to hold the coat together without buttons done up. Never could get them to work though.



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Yeah - there are strips like that in each one of my coats. I too haven't been able to get them 'tied' or 'fastened' properly. Maybe that god's way of saying I need to lose weight...



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The fur sounds just wonderful!! As I have said before I loved my Beaver coat!


On the straps: Took me forever to find out what they were!! I too thought how can they figure anyone will have such a small waist!!


They are called a waist belt and are not meant to go around the waist. They are meant to snug the fur around the middle so the wind does not blow up the coat in bad weather.


Somewhere around the waist on the front edge you will find a larger than normal attaching elastic or similar material that you run it through. Both straps lace through this point to draw the fur in. The straps go together on one side.


Does this make any sense?



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