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A Gift To All Denizens


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As all of you know, I have chosen to take a less visible role in the website I founded over a dozen years ago. Although I regularly read the forums and keep in touch with my successor, White Fox, you may have noticed that I rarely post in any of the forums unless I feel that there is an issue I need to address or something special I want to say. (Sometimes, like "Merry Christmas!" or "Happy New Year!" it's not even very important; I just want to convey warm wishes to my "family.")


This post does a couple of things. First, I just want to (seriously) wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2008. (I couldn't resist the cartoon in the "Happy New Year" thread . . .) I also want to pass on a very well-done video to all of you from my good friend, Dragon, and the very lovely and sexy Brandy. I think you will really like it. It represents a bit of a departure from the norm, which I think is very refreshing. While being appropriate to show in this forum, it will even tantalize all the regulars in Fur Freaks Anonymous.


And you thought Brandy was "only a pretty face?" She wrote the poetry in this video! I think you'll agree that the furs, the lady, the poetry - even the music (courtesy of Dragon - How many of you know that he's an accomplished musician?) all go together to make this a very nice present!




Click here A Gift To All Denizens

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Just in case any of the members are 'skim' reading..


'Click on the green writing' at the bottom of the 1st posting by FrBrGr...


Many thanks to you FrBrGr for your kind words.. and wonderful statements..


I hope all 'denizens' enjoy the video..




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What a great video gift - congrats to all concerned, espec.brandyuk- thats the best I've seen for a long time (and I'm a member of her site.Cheers to all!!

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Furtive Touch


Noticed that you just joined. So great to see you posting here. We really love to see new members and especially to see them post. Folks here get tired of the old guys like me!


Really hope you enjoy our little site.



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Thank you WhiteFox! So far I am enjoying the site very much. I don't have a lot of time to spend online but when I get the chance to visit I hope I can add something to the site. Thanks again for the welcome.

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I just wanted to mention that I finally got a chance to watch this video. Unfortunately I am not sure that anyone on dialup would be able to catch it. I think it might just be too big.


However, this is really a superb video by our folks Dragon and Brandy. As some of you know I've been hopelessly mired in reworking our Links area here for awhile. And was never able to get here.


Only suggestion that I have is this... "Brandy, with that new "Robin Hood Coat" and that music, you should have put them together. Any time you want to come visit me with any of those you are more than welcome! Man, come to think of it you can come visit without 'em too!


Congratulations to you both! If any members here have not seen this you really should before it goes off line! This really is great.



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