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An Experiment

White Fox

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Folks, we hope you will have a look at our new experiment in our Links area.




We hope to improve our links area making it one of the best on the net, similar to our Gallery. As you see, the sites will be rated by members here, plus we hope to gradually put descriptions on most or all of the links in all links sections. There will be no going from page to page, making all information instantly available to you at a glance.


On top of this, if you are a member here with more than 20 posts you will soon be able to post a small banner beside the link to your site. Also, anyone with a link to a site here can tell us the text that they would like to describe their site.


This project is still in the experimental stage for a few more days. (We may not get it ready before the site goes off the air on the 22nd for a short while.) It may look slightly different, be it in colours, or layout, etc. You will notice the location of the furrier is included. We hope for instance in the future to sort these, possibly by country, or Continent, etc. We also hope to have an easily visible sign there directing members instantly to places selling "fetish products"! AFter all, this is a fetish site.

Of course we will be doing each links page the same way, be it pictorials, or special interest sites. Gradually our whole area will be included.


***We hope that some of you might like to help with this project. This is probably the most interesting way that you can help us here. You will constantly be seeing many new fur pictures that you have not even seen in our Gallery. For instance, if you are working on the Furrier Page, you can take some time to explore 5 or 6 of these fantastic web sites the furriers now have each night. You can rate them, describe them, etc.


If you would like to help us out with this project, please let us know. To do this is very easy. Although it is in wiki, virtually all coding will already be done when you get there. You will just type your description as you type here and copy and past the ratings bar in place. Deleting any sites that are no longer active, etc. Virtually no knowledge of wiki is required to help us out with this as that will already be finished. You can learn to do it in just a few minutes.


Our dream is that our links area is going to be just as distinctive and appealing as our Gallery is, and we hope that some of you might like to help us make that dream come true. If you would like to help out please P M me (White Fox) or any mod, or leave a message here. This would simply involve looking at 5 or 6 links each night when you come on, adding descriptions, etc at your own pace. Probably much the same thing as you already do at nights.

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask us either here or via pm.


Hope to hear from you.

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