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I knew I was ahead of the game....


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Take this quote.. from an article Mr JG found http://thefurden.com/bbden/viewtopic.php?t=9182


'At the house of Fendi, designer Sylvia Venturini Fendi went for fox, perching an elegant boa over a grey coat or three-quarter camel-hair, while tossing a black fur scarf for evenings over a tuxedo and gold bow-tie.'


Thanks to one of our members here, I have my black mink scarf already this year, I wear it, no negative comments, and its great.......


Be proud, be loud.... congrats to the Italian designers..Its getting better and better.





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While fur scarves for men have been featured in Bergdorf Goodman's men's store (and catalogues) for three years now, perhaps their ultimate success as a men's accessory of choice will eventually result from the now ubiquitous--and so often grossly ugly--fox trim on jackets and hoods. In New York City, I can't step out of the house and walk ten steps without seeing them, and maybe one out of a hundred looks appealing enough to spark my interest. But what about the sensations that guys experience in the cold when they allow the fur to touch their faces.....


Maybe that's the "love connection" that will give impetus to fur scarves in the coming years??


It's just a thought, but with over 50 fur scarves in my wardrobe now finally getting to see the light of day (well, not all of them), it's nice to hope....and think positively.


Stay warm,



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FF, I love my scarf, warm, soft, it does ride up at times though but its just subtle enough to make people look twice.


Glad to hear others in this Den have them, looks like i'm not the only one. I've gone for the double sided option though, not one with a fabric backing.


Lets hope the rain in the UK stops soon to be replaced with colder weather.



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Hi again, Auzmink--glad you prefur the two-sided scarf. I can't believe what a difference that makes. You might want to try a knitted rabbit scarf (not a cheap version, though--so sort by price on ebay)...or knitted fox. The fur is on both sides because of the way it's knitted, and the better ones have a tight enough weave so tha all you feel is fur when you wrap it around yur neck and face. It is a sublime pleasure which I hope you will grow to love as much as I do.


Happy hunting!



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