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A great suggestion.

White Fox

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As you folks will have noticed, in just 5 days or so we will lose our little site for awhile while we do a very massive upgrade to it. Probably when it comes back on it will not come back on all at once.


If any of you are like me, you will probably be suffering from a great number of "Den Withdrawl Symptoms" until it gets back.


So, here is an idea for you. Go to our links pages, and look at our Furrier and Organizations pages. These are only two pages of many. If you save those on your word processor, you will be able to look at those great links while our web site is down. I am pretty sure that you will find it pretty unbelievable how many links that we have there. For instance, if you looked at the furrier web sites in our links pages, each for one minute, did you know that it would take you way over two hours to get through that list? That is how big it is! I have not counted exactly, but it is something like 125 links in that one page alone. Then you have all of the other areas.


So, make sure you do some copying and pasting. And have almost as much fun during the short time that our site is down as when it was up and running.


White Fox

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Heck! You don't even need to use a word processor. You can just save the page on your desktop.


Navigate to any page in the Library. Go to a page with links on it, not just an index page. Use "CTRL-S" to save the entire contents of that page to your desktop. You will have two things appear. There will be a folder that contains all the text and graphics that were on the original page. There will also be another file called "something.html" (Where "something" is the name of the original page.)


You simply click on that HTML file and you will view a copy of the original page only saved on your desktop.


If there are links to other sites on that page you will be taken to those sites.


You can do this with as many pages as you need. You can also make another folder on your desktop and name it something you will remember such as "Fur Den Withdrawal". You can store all your saved pages inside that folder and you'll have them all in one safe place.


One caveat is that, your browser can only save about 90% of the things on the original page. There may be some pictures, links or media that don't get copied. Those links may break when the original page that contains them goes off-line. It's not really a big deal. You just need to understand that and you'll be okay.


Later, when the Den comes back on-line you can dump all your stored pages and empty the trash then you'll be able to enjoy the forums again. It will hardly feel like we were gone at all!

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AKcoyote has to pretty much wipe the hard drive and do a clean install of the operating system.


He will back up all the forum's data and the gallery and the wiki too. Then he will have to restore everything to its rightful place.


It is difficult to put an exact time on this task. It could take 3 to 5 days. It could take a week. It could take less. It all depends on how smoothly things go.

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Even in experienced hands, NOTHING in computing goes smoothly. My rule: double the time and add a bit more!


So, perhaps we should all wish AK good luck, a safe stress-free non-swearing upgrade. May the Gods smile on him.



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Thank you


You are correct that almost every computer project takes more time than initially estimated. That is why i let members know that the site could be down for a week or more. My original estimate is that it should take 2 - 3 days, but that would be if there were no problems and I could work on it for 18 hours per day. As my schedule does not allow working on this site more than about 6 - 8 hours most days, it will take more time.


The unpredictable nature of a project of this size is why I setup a temporary website ( http://thefurden.org/ ) to provide members some information on the status of the system upgrade and restoration of the applications and data.

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Folks more work is being done on the main Furrier's Links page by the minute. I suggest that if you have already saved it to see later that you might think of resaving now. If you have not seen that page in a few days you should have a look. I think you might be surprised at what you find.


We will be upgrading this page more as time allowed so it might even grow slightly before our site goes down.


By the way, you can still help us with this great project. Once again you do not need to know a thing about wiki. If you know how to copy and past just one item, and know how to type short sentences, then you can do all that is involved there. That is how simple it is. And you get to see these almost endless fantastic fur related web sites. I don't think there would be a better place to volunteer your time on the whole net. And you can work as little or much as you want.


If you would like to help with that project just contact us.



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