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Advertising other Furriers? I don't understand!

White Fox

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Just an interesting observation here. I was doing a little work with some links today and noticed something strange. A few furriers have made a web site. And what it does is gives a search on the word "Fur", thus showing a very few dealers of furs. There is nothing on the web site about their business at all. Just this search.


And, thus what they are doing is putting a web site on the air that advertises other sites. Now is that a total lack of understanding? Is there something there that I have missed. I am baffled!


This is one that I just went back and found quickly. Not the best example. Most are much more glaring. In this case they have linked to another site .



But still, it gives the idea. This was the only one that I could find again quickly. It is for "Boutique Delle Arte" in Italy.



White Fox


Edit: Worker 11811 - Fixed URL tag.

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That's a cybersquatter.


What they do is go around registering as many domain names as they can think of then put up "placeholder" websites. Then, when somebody comes along who wants that domain they have to pay the owner to release it.


Many times it's straightforward a money making scheme. However there are other reasons to squat a domain name:


1) Data collection


If you use Firefox, press CTRL-U on your keyboard. Another window will open that shows you the source code for the page. It looks like gobbledygook to most people but scroll down just a little way and you'll see THIS:

    Major Version: 3.0
 Webserver_Number: 22
Total_Process_Time: 0140ms


See that line that says "Client IP:"??

That's YOUR internet IP address!


They are trapping your IP address then watching what you do when you go to that page. What links did you click on? What things did you search for?

Then they store that information and they sell it to other companies for marketing purposes.


2) Web Traffic.


Have you ever seen companies that promise to generate traffic to your site? They do that by putting up these bogus websites then linking to their clients websites through this page.


They don't really care what the content of your site really is. They only get paid by the number of "click-throughs" they can generate. They get something like 1/10 of a cent for every 100 hits they can generate on your site.


If they can generate 100,000 hits on your site in one month they collect $100 for you. If they can do this for 10,000 sites they can make $1,000,000 in only one month! That's 12 MILLION dollars every year!


So, spend, maybe $500,000 to set up a server farm and buy a whole lot of random domain names and you can make money selling the rights to a domain. You can make more money selling marketing information. Plus you can make EVEN MORE money selling "clicks" to other people!


Done right, you can make a LOT of money cybersquatting!


So, basically, that is a bogus website just to make money.

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these are the so called "Parked domains"

are domains that someone bought but did not make a website out of them. So they are just 'renting' them to certain companies and with each click they are supposed to be paid some pennies.


If you check the links/options provided on this one you'll see


# Production

# Fur

# Fur Production

# Animal Rabbit Production

# Welfare Animals Kept Fur

# 50 Cent

# Bingo

# Book

# CD Duplication

# CD R

# Chat


After the five first you see irrelevant results as 50cent, chat etc. That shows clearly that these options were produced automatically and not by man or site owner...


there are thousands of sites like this one and many companies that take advantage on unused sites for revenue and pay-per-click policies...

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