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A reminder note about children posts


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This is just a reminder to our membership and a "heads-up" for our new members. I have long been a poster of our love of fur at a young age. How I see the awe in the children I have met concerning fur. Also, my concern we have been shamed in appreciating a God-given gift. This shame is something that is not to be a part of what we experiences here.


...but, with privileged there comes responsibility.


I would like each member to remember there are those on the Internet who have taken issues, such as ours, and used it in manners that abuse children. ...no more needs to be said on this. We all are sickened by examples of what we have read and heard of.


With this mind. Our rules prohibit pictures of children and has sadly eliminated many wonderful pictures from being posted on our site. The babe-in-arms has been the only exception.


There is an added responsibility that we must bear as a fetish site ...and, that is the "appearances" of condoning or encouraging children in a fetish. First of all, this is absolutely against what we are about here; secondly, it can be twisted and used against us by those who want to eliminate our freedom to share our love of fur.


So, with this in mind, if you have written anything here or sense that another post could be used against us. Please edit your post, or let a mod know of your concern.


Thanks again to all our our wonderful posting members who are why we all are here: to share the wonderful gift of fur and encourage those who have wrongfully shamed.






mods and admins: please feel free to edit or add to my post. Sometimes my wording is not as clear as I would like.

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