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Roninphy & Gallery

Guest OFF or Old Fur F##t

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I want to let folks know that roninphy has agreed to help out in The Gallery.


I can tell you that with the volume of pictures and the tasks of sorting things out, his help is very welcome now.


There is much more behind the scenes work than most would ever expect.


This is not to mention the new ways the Gallery is being redeveloped so pictures can more easily be found wit the Search function.


I want to thank roninphy again for the huge amount of work he has already done.




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Yes!! Many thanks goes to OFF and Worker. ...plus all of the hours members have spent uploading. This commitment has made our gallery selection and quality remarkable.


...and, thanks to our generous donors, it makes it free to all our members.


Please don't forget ...the site does require cash to run as well as the untold hours of dedication. If you can afford to help support the site, even small donations are so appreciated. It also allows us to upgrade our services when possible. Not one penny goes to anything other than out-of-pocket expenses to keep the site running and improving.


Roninphy, your work has long been a contribution here, so glad you have agreed to help with the less visible work now. It is greatly appreciated. Thank you.



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Nothing more I can say! You folks have covered it.


Welcome to the Gallery Roninphy! Don't let us get to you.


Indeed, the mods of the Gallery have done a fantastic job there.



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The gallery needs a well organized person with a good eye for photos.

Roninphy is just that kind of person.


I think we found the right guy!

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