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my fur wearing experence today.


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today I put on my foot and my Crystal fox parka Jacket. Then called the taxi company to go on a short shopping trip. The driver asked me what kind of fur it was and I told him about it. The y oung lady next to me remainded slient on the subject. He asked me about the peta people, I said I was a member of a fur site (this one) and had not heard about a peta defacing of a coat in several years, In fact I still have on the crystal fox jacket even thought I have been home almost three hours. The apartent I am in has electric heat and I will keep it off as much as possible (to enjoy my furs) and to save $$$$ but I have thermonders in every room and monitor the tempture to keep the pipes from frezzing. Besides a temp less the 50 F is to unconfortable to stay warm even wearing 2 fox coats.

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It must be nice to wear fur all around the house like that!

And, with the thermostats all turned down like that, you use less energy!


See! Fur really IS environmental!


The more I think about it, the more I think that paint throwing is mostly an urban legend.


Yes, I'm sure there are a few people stubborn enough and stupid enough to do it but, logically, it makes no sense.


1) The person could get hurt.

Every free citizen has the right to self defense, no matter what country they live in. The laws of different countries and cities only specify the circumstances under which self defense may be used and the extent one may go to in order to defend himself. But in virtually localities, a law abiding citizen has the right to assume that somebody who attacks him means to do him harm and that citizen may use all reasonable means to stop the attack.


2) The person can end up in jail.

A person who commits assault with a weapon can end up in jail for anywhere from 30 days to a year if caught. (A can of spray paint can be construed as a weapon.) Even if the person spends a short time in the "pokey" they will have a criminal record for life... Even if it's a first offense.


3) The person will have to pay restitution.

I don't think your average "activist" will be able to shell out anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 to repay the damage he caused. He could end up on the hook for a lot of money! If he doesn't pay, he can go back to jail.


4) The most important: The person who gets attacked will just use the restitution money to buy a new coat! IF the coat is insured, as most fur coats are, there will be a new coat made in just a few days. The paint thrower's efforts actually work against him here.


So, in the end, anybody who throws paint on somebody for wearing a fur coat will probably end up injured and penniless, shackled to a bed in a prison hospital!


For all his efforts, even MORE animals will be killed to make even MORE fur coats!

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I've turned my heating down and off more often, and I'm not cold....wonder why! Save those dollars / pounds / dineros whatever, spend them on ....?hmm, I wonder what?????



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Is this a story from 'furup' a representation of the future...


By this. I mean..


The general public have a mi-informed idea of fur wearing and correct fur PC language because of the myths that 'over-time' become unproven facts..but non the less..are now believable facts for the modern world..


I had a similar conversation with someone who 'liked' fur but was too scared to purchase one because she felt that PETA or other animal activists would hunt her down and smash the windows of her house!!!


She felt the internet would betray her if she purchased 'quietly' over the web and she would become a victim to extreme groups..


Fear..producing fear...




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It is so terrible to hear cases like this. Thank God there are not too many! As these mean that these animal rights extremists were successful in their campaign when it comes to those few folks who bought into the idea.


In time as furs come back again more and more folks like that will be less apprehensive and realize the facts.


But until then



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Years ago this site and eBay was a huge release for me and I began to realize fur was OK.


I read about fur here and eventually bought them off eBay.


I now wear fur daily at the office, shopping and at home





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Message removed above at member's request. W.F.


It's a pleasure to have fur loving folks like you come to America!

I'd offer my reference for your citizenship application but admitting that you know me might get you kicked out!


I agree with O.F.F. It was quite a revelation to find this site and realize that it's okay to love fur... Just because... And you don't have to apologize for it.


As long as you're not hurting others or breaking the law, there's no reason you can't love fur as much as you want and in almost any WAY you want.


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A crystal fox parka sounds really nice... is that a silver fox ?? suit ?? in your profile picture??? Thats so cool! You're lucky to have such nice furs! I'm glad you didn't experience any negativity while out in them!

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Rufnaf, welcome to the Den.


Portugal, yep it gets cool in the Winter. Not cold I agree, but lets flush this notion that furs are only for cold weather. The old mink stole was stylish and meant to 'keep off the chill'. It was a cool weather clothing, not cold weather.


So if we can all now collaborate on keeping furs out September till April, coats to edging, and be out and about..



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i bought one this week.....a nice fox jacket...the arms are a bit short...which is actually great...i can wash up wearing it...can do my laundry wearing it...i went out in it yesterday..and i hope to buy more soon

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