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sad question

Guest OFF or Old Fur F##t

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Edit by White Fox. A member has asked that messages be deleted.


Not all have left.


Some have not posted for a while and some left for a number of reasons. Some were personal reasons.


The others were disenchanted over our Code of Conduct and left.


Some have come back and posted under new names and yet others who have been here for a long time are just getting around to posting for the first time.


It's like many other web sites in those regards.


Glad you like it enough to post and look through our history.




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Many of course we do not know about...




Janey checks in often but with a family it is hard for her to post often I think.

Mr B was in not long ago saying he has been off line with problems but will be back soon.

Lana owned a business. He sold out to a fellow who comes here by times. I forget his name though.

Deedok has been posting under another name for personal reasons, but he will be back right away under his old name again.

Mendez still checks in from time to time. As well as Furfreak.

Ravens was on site yesterday. MsT was also in just a few days back. I just happened to notice them.


So, people are indeed around. Hey, just waiting for you to post some great new interesting topics!


Hope you have fun here. And, indeed as you we hope to see these old and familiar members back again soon.


White Fox

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If you are referring to some of the arguments members have had, I find that many people who love fur are very passionate about their beliefs.


In a way, they have to be. People who love fur and who wear it in public sometimes meet with vocal opposition. Consequently, they find themselves having to defend their beliefs. After a period of time it becomes natural to speak one's mind. When that happens, people are bound to get in each other's face about certain topics.


When people argue like that there are bound to be some people who get angry and leave. It doesn't make me happy when this happens but there isn't much I can do about it so I just try to push on with the daily job of keeping up the website and not let things bother me.


Besides... Many people who say they are leaving don't stay away for long.

People who love fur the way we do can't resist... It's kind of like a drug!

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Worker - not sure I totally agree with all you say. When I first joined this site, passion at finding a new site which mirrors ones ideas / passions was great. Perhaps it fired up enthusiasm, the need to 'change society' etc.


Now, I enjoy the postings without the need to 'fire up'. I think a clear head with correct facts will do us more good when confronted by activists than any hot-headed outbursts. Indeed some members who have been confronted have taken the bull by the horn and fired back with arguments and statements published on this site to, by all accounts, good effect.


I feel anger, sadness is not part of what is needed here. Sure I miss some of those old postings. I go to other sites also, but I've sponsored this one because I think it has a good clear message - 'Fur is ok'.


I think it is ok to collaborate on a passion, we just don't all need to sit at the same table all the time. We just need to know we are normal human beings. I enjoy my friends here.



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Thanks Auz


I think we probably all need to remember that there is room for all of us. Each member will find the site they prefer, and probably stay there. However, even the things people like in life change, so a member will change from one to the other by times probably.


I would like to thank all those like you who have sponsored the Den. It is through the generosity of people like Auz who make this place possible. Without them, we would not have a site!


One thing that I want to stress as owner and I know FrBrGr our Founder will agree totally is that this site will always be free. You will not have to pay to see certain areas of it like pictures, etc. And we will do everything possible to make it feel like a nice home for you. No spam to put up with. Limited advertising in certain areas only. Lots of great photos that are easy to find. A great library to "wonder around and get lost in". A large links area. etc.


We do certainly hope that those of you who decide to stay with us will like our little home here and as always we like to hear comments either here or via pm on how we can make it better for you.


White Fox

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I see what you mean.


I guess my attitude comes from my upbringing. I always had to be ready to defend myself, verbally and sometimes physically. That colors the way I see things, a lot of the time.


I think that one of the most important thing that I have learned over my life is that people have the right to their emotions and they don't have to apologize for them. People have the right to be happy, sad, angry or horny or what-have-you, simply because that's what they feel.


Of course we do have to draw limits on what people can DO when they feel a certain way. It would be wrong to hurt another person or do anything illegal just because you feel a certain way.


I do have strong opinions on the way I believe people should behave but, outside of my own home and place of business, I can not force others to act a certain way. Even then, there are limits on what I can tell people to do or not to do.


Long story short:

You can love fur or you can hate fur. It's your choice. But don't try to force your decisions on others!

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Welcome back Deedok. We've miss yu boy!


Yes, I know you were here under another name, but great to see you back under this one!



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