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New Web Site (To Me Anyway)


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Holly Cow!


What a beautiful site! (The model is not bad either! Nudge nudge wink wink). It reminds me of the GREAT work done by Mr Mockle.


By the way, they snuck in one piece that has no fur. Not that I am complaining mind you. That red dress is BREATHLESSLY STUNNING and (almost) made me forget about fur for a minute.


Looks like they copy protected their photos from crooks like us.

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The site is in Flash.


You can't directly copy/save pictures in a Flash presentation but you can copy the whole presentation and save it locally. Once you do that you can disassemble the file and take the pictures at-will.


You can also do screen grabs and save them to your hard drive that way.


If the picture can be displayed on your screen there IS a way to copy it.

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I use my Screen Capture program for things like that.


Flash, movies etc.


Bit of a hassle but if I really must have it





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And another one. Not much in the way of photos at the moment ... But check out the video link. Interesting.




And yet another ... Looks like we have not fully mined the "wealth" on the net yet.




Another one ...




Another one ???!!! Gonna stop now ... Apparently I could continue finding "missing links" well into the afternoon.




Okay - One more and I'm really stopping this time. This one is for Linda (Atlanta furrier n all). Not much in the way of photos at this point (there's a promise of more to come) - But some interesting reading on the role of fur fashion in the South. Enjoy!

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Thanks folks.


I'll explore those and post them on our links pages in the next couple of days. That is what I love is to get new ones for the pages.


In the mean time...




That is a link in our list. If you explore you will find a page listing the furriers in Finland. It will keep you busy for a few minutes!


Also, if you explore our European Furriers list you will find a page that gives the links to many of the Furriers in Greece. As Kostos mentions, there are enough of those to keep you going for a few minutes as well. (A hundred maybe?)


Actually those two will keep you exploring for the next week probably!




****Links are now in our Links pages. Hope I did not miss any.

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