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A New Look For Brandy-uk


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Hi Everyone..


Lots of you know me for my sexy Fur piccies...


I have branched out in this new year into a new look for a little experiment..


Please have a look in the Gallery ( I have placed a few free fotos in the Den gallery before they go live on my site) and let me know what you think?


They are called ' War-Time Fun'.. althought the more I look at them, they may be more 1950'2 in theme..


and are Black and white of me dressed in vintage styled fur..


The fur was a gift.. ...maybe original..antique.. it photographed well.... do you agree?




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I used to smoke.. 40 a day..but now I only smoke for photographs etc etc..


i didn't light up for this set as it was an experimental look..but came out great...


perhaps I need to shoot some smoke and fur looks to finish the theme..




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