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my first custom made fur coat order


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I have finally gathered enough resources to have a custom made fur coat. For the last couple months, I have been collecting fox jackets at quite cheap prices on online auction sites. This way I gathered 5 jackets, four of them made of foxes with yellow-brown colors, and one gorgeous red fox. On average I have ended up paying 140 USD for each jacket.


Yesterday, I took all those fox jackets to a well-known local furrier. I have known the place for at least 20 years, but I have been in there for only once a couple years ago. It was a wonderful feeling to finally cross the line from being a fur spectator to a fur customer. He greeted me very well. I have explained to him that I would like something that I could wear home, like a "robe de chambre". I would like the fur side to be wearable either in or out and as lining I would like to have a wool mix fabric (or polar fleece, haven

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Congratulations and welcome if you haven't been


I have similar plans soon to copy a Sable (old) Kimono that I got a while back on eBay for cheap. It's incredible. I'll take pictures of it and post it in The Gallery over the next few days along with a few other furs I have had made.


I'll make the copies longer and with a hood.


The price you quoted is extremely righteous for the work you describe.


I usually strip the furs myself before I take them to the furrier.


Two jackets are in process not. Ungar is charging about $350 or so to reline a jacket. More if it has a hood or is more complicates.


For instance he charged $450 for the Lynx lined hooded Timberland jacket he just did for me. I'll take pictures of that as well.


Ungar was ouoting about $1000 to do a similar job and I thought that was a very good price considering the work.



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Good luck with your project--it sounds wonderful.


I would suggest--that is, if you can find the fabric in a fabric store, especially the end of a bolt, which might be cheaper--that you line your robe with cashmere, which is softer than wool and warm without being close to stifling like polar fleece can be. I have 3 fur blankets (all either sheared rabbit or long-haired rabbit) and 2 are lined in cashmere. They are perfect for snuggling....and more.


Come to think of it, you can probably find cashmere on eBay, though I never thought to look for it until now. You will need perhaps 3-4 yards of it (I'm totally guessing, so please check with your furrier). Believe me, it will be worth the investment.


Have fun.



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I have finally received my fur coat. It is huge, with a length of 140 cm and I cannot simply take it off of me!


The lining is a wool-cashmere blend fabric so when reversed, it looks like a caftan or robe of the style favored by the steppe people in the middle ages, but not certainly in an outdated way. Actually, I think it is quite wearable outside. The only problem is that the fabric is not like a satin or silk lining, especially in the arms section, and my arms tend to get stuck to the lining frequently. Well, there is always a trade-off, and this was one I made consciously, so I am not complaining.


The main body of the coat is made from 2 or 3 fox jackets. The colors are not perfect match, but then the pelts are all wild, thus the coat is definitely a unique creation, with all the colors from yellow to brown and black. Another jacket for the arms, and the collar is made from a gorgeous and soft red fox jacket. It is really something...


Firstfur, thanks for your suggestions, but unfortunately, I had already bought a lining when I read your message.


This has certainly been a pleasant experience, and I have learned a lot from it. I am already full of ideas for my next project! This was also a first for my furrier. Although he repeatedly stated that back in the 1980s, he prepared a lot of furs for men, it was clear that I was his first male customer for a very long time. That's unfortunate:(


When I went for the first fitting session, I was expecting it to be in its very early stages, and thus, I was hoping to give some input to the furrier, but at that stage, the coat's main body had already been shaped. The fitting session was mainly for fitting the arms and coat closure arrangements.


Thus, the most valuable lesson I have learned from this experience is: never refrain from asking questions.


Now I have so many leftover fur pieces. If I can find the time, I am sure they will provide a lot of opportunities for craft projects of all sorts. We shall see:)

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I spent a bit of today going through my furs, combining which ones to put with which.


I got a great Sable Kimono off eBay for cheap recently and it sounds a lot like what you are describing. It's reversible to a brocade silk. It's only 46 inches long [116 cm] however.


I'm planning on replicating it in several different Foxes and Lynx and making them longer and with a hood.



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