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Fur dream - Fur Overall / Furry dreams come true


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Hello to all of you,



Although I should have placed this post in the "Fur Freak" Forum (of which i'm not a menber due to too less posts), I want to tell everybody, that a dream can come true after all:

I have an appointment tomorrow to order my fur dream - a fur overall !!


The overall will be made of rex rabbit on one side and the veloured leather on the other side. I resisted the temptation to let it made double-sided fur, since this would be extremely to warm for the german whether.

So the overall will be in a dark red colour with black highlights (such as the zipper and arm and leg ends).


The overall will be made to either be weared in private as well as a warm underwear for the public.

Of course it is designed to be reversible.


The skins are ecologically produced within germany from breeders who use the whole animal - and therfor the nice fur as well


Since this post is not in the fetish forum, I can not describe the other features which are part of the design - I?m "working" with my furrier in all thinkable versions for 2 years now.


Let furry dreams come true and - what is your furry dream; what has come true for you ???


Hope to hear yours?


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Very interesting


I am [slowly] making a pair of bib overalls myself while watching TV.


Carhart canvas with pieced Fox lining. I got the Foxes off eBay.


I'm sure mine have the same "features" as you ay be planning as well.


Good luck with your purchase.


This is just fine to post here.




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