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my father's birthday


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Saturday night we went to an ordinary restaurant, I mean by that, nothing at all fancy.


At the table in front of me was sitting a woman. She had a blue fox on her chair. Nice looking coat.


Then a table on my left was a woman wearing a black mink with grey fox trim. It was a long coat. Also very beautiful. Plus the lady was good looking too...50 something. Remind you I'm only 37. Still!


After that, I didn't notice but at our table, a cousin of mine was wearing what I thought was a sheard beaver. It was in fact a otter (i think). Sheard. By looking at it, my wife and I thought it was a beaver. My wife jump to touch it and looked at me with a smile. Its only when touching it that we realize it wasn't beaver. It really look like one.


I can tell you, it was a nice birthday, not only for my father, but for my eyes too.




Then at the christmas mass, there was as usual many ladies in they're furs. But only one stroke my eyes. It was one of the most beautiful coat I saw on a real woman. (I mean beside pictures!). It was indigo! the lady, and in this case I think I really have to say lady, that was wearing the coat was about 85 years old. My girlfriend knew her. After the mass, we left in my car, after talking to some people and went up the hill to my mother and father in laws house and we saw the lady walking to her house. My mother in law ask me to stop the car next to her so we can wish her a happy new year. So i stoped. My wife was sitting in the back seat, looking at me with big eyes and a little smile on her face. She reached out the window to shake hands, and touch the fur at the same time. She even introduce me to the lady. After we got back to the house, my wife came to me with a little enjoyment in her face. She said: " I touched the fur, it was so soft,mmmmm". She smiled and left.


Now I have to tell you that for the christmas holliday, we go to her parents house for a week. And my wife doesn't want to have sex in the house. Too many people and kids also. So, that little smile in her face was to say, "I know you saw something nice today, and would love to have sex, but it wont happend before a week...ha! ha! Ha!" We, most of the time, have sex with our furs.


That is my story. TRUE, of course. And you dont need to know what happened when we got back from the hollidays.


Isn't winter a wonderful season?



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