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Help me !!!


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Can someone help me with the words?


Maybe its because english is not my first language, but sometimes I feel as if furrier are playing with the words.


What are the differences between:

1) parka

2) bolero

3) jacket

4) stroller

5) vest

6) demi buff


Thanks to enlight my candle!



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Hi FS! I will do my best here:


1. Parka: large, puffy coat, usually waist length or slightly longer

2. bolero: shorter than waist length...a small jacket that covers the top of the chest and arms

3. jacket: different from a coat: whereas a coat is generally full length, a jacket is shorter. Generally not as puffy as a parka.

4. Stroller: just past the hips generally

5. vest: like a jacket with no sleeves

6. demi buff: a color that is a medium shade of brown.


I hope it helps and that I don't confuse the issue for you!

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Mostly I think you would be correct there. Generallly a parka is thought of as with a hood and a zipper.


Not sure if that is a strict definition though.



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