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Yeah, he has some listed as cat skins...see below. Not sure if they are actually domestic breed cats, but they look enough like it to me. This could be a disaster, actually, if the rest of the youtube community were to see this. He should rename them--this could make some people on the fence about fur move to the anti side.




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I didn't see those.


Why don't you email them and ask about the source(s) of those furs.


They certainly didn't look like domestic cat hides to me. Far too fine for that.


Weather they are approved species (in the US) or not is another question.


The PeTA 'stories' about cat and dog fur are erroneous at best since the fur from such animals certainly would NOT be something that any reputable furrier would ever use on his worse day. Alley dogs and cats Get real!!






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Indeed, we should all consider writing and asking them about this. I will try to contact them when I have time as well.


Remember, that Oliver is in Montreal so there is a language problem. These would certainly NOT be cat as we think of that term as this is very, very highly illegal in Canada as well as US. No one would ever advertise that on purpose even if they did use them, and I am certain that Oliver would NEVER do such. However, language problems can make things look different than they are indeed, etc.


The more people contact them about this, the more chances those videos will be changed. A mistake by them like this is indeed just the fuel that the Anti Fur Freaks need to begin their crap all over again. We should all try to convince them to change this. It is in our common interest.



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I just recently spoke to a Russian furrier who is definately a first or second generation immigrant. He had a heavy Russian accent and displayed distinct Russian mannerisms. You could also tell that he's been in the fur business since he was knee-high to a grasshopper.


I was asking him about lynx fur which he continually called "cat".


As in... Holding up a lynx fur coat and saying,

"Here! Let me show you cat." Accent>


With that in mind, I'm willing to bet the person saying "cat" is really using it as a slang word for "lynx".

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Very interesting and informative. Thanks for posting. Doesn't this smack of that whole "P. Diddy uses dog fur" media thing from a couple years ago? Dog meaning "raccoon dog", meaning "a small species of raccoon" used in the Chinese fur industry and sold to American companies who outsource their production? The Chinese, of course, willingly get around the whole American "we want faux fur" thing by labeling their fur "faux" to please their willing customers. They couldn't really care less, nor could the customers, as long as the bottom line is satisfied.


At least Oliver (formerly Northern Furs, among other names) seems to care, aside from the whole language thing. I think they do use 'chat' (cat) in French to describe what we call lynx. I bought a few pieces from these cats...um...these folks...in 2002 and 2003 when I was just starting out eBay trading.


Sigh. I'm in a bit of a mood right now as I had to scrap an entire design that I worked for months on...it's been a crazy second week of the year.





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