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Be sure to read the following thread!


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I know that lots of folks tend to overlook announcements in the Info Zone. However, that's where you'll find a lot of important stuff relating to the workings of this site.


If you have not already done so, please read




As you'll note we could be down for as many as 5 days in the not to distant future. That's not a bad thing, major upgrades are on the way!





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Thanks FL. You are exactly right.


We do not intend to post info about this here as we have our Info Zone Forum. But if you folks do not read that forum you are not going to know where to go when the time comes for this, or what is going on, etc. It is extremely important that you watch that thread!


We will have a temporary web site to let you know what is going on, so if you watch that forum you will know exactly how upgrades are coming. How long we may indeed be off, etc. as time goes along.


This is not like the "Upgrades" at Melody. We will be back! And as FurLover mentioned, we have a whole new modern forum in the works for the near future. But this will take a few days to complete this first step. Then we begin the other upgrades.



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