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King of furs: Russian sable

Guest manywonderfulfurs

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Just to clarify, what exactly is Canadian/American sable?


I have always assumed that it is pine marten.


I actually own two North American pine marten pelts. Very soft fur, but not as dense or luxurious as beaver. Still quite beautiful. The orange throat patch is very attractive. The underful is a bluish color, sort of like muskrat underfur.



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I would certainly not call it a very desirable fur but you CAN buy skunk fur!


When I was a kid a neighbor of mine had a pet skunk. (Descented, of course... )

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I read on a webpage about vintage furs that "American Sable" is a euphemism for skunk : P


This has to be a Russian joke


A girlfriend of mine who was really into black and white had a pet skunk.


Skunk fur can be pretty nice.



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It could depend on how the animals died and how the pelts were tanned. The ones I have seen at a local furrier do have a bit of the distinctive oder that is unmistakably skunk oil.

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