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Here is Zsa Zsa in leopard outfit....coat and big hat


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Welcome to The Fur Den


Yes we would like picture of men and women wearing furs or other fur related pictures.


I'm one of the Gallery Mods and there is a process of gaining access to the various functions of The Fur Den.


You might send a pm to White Fox or AK Coyote to get the definitive process.




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Either me or worker.


We are the two Gallery Mods.


Worker can probably tell you more precisely how to post.


I know we already have some Flicker pictures in The Gallery.




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  • 3 weeks later...

I don't need any hits there I have 4 million.

but for the love of the group and our love of fur.

I will be moving my flkr photos into Webshots..which any one can see without the problem of becoming a member to see them.


this photo of Zsa Zsa in Leopard coat and matching hat,

really old and a bit faded , vintage photo, will be up on

Webshot. I'll let you know or when there is gallery, I can upload there.




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