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I am new and have almost no idea what I'm doing...


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I wanted to post the movie stars that I have online.

I got your site, because I saw you linked to my photo of Ann Margaret.

Since I have access to many fur photos, I figured you would like me to bring them to you.


Tell me .....is there some sort of protocal...that one of you searches flkr

and reports per week.


I was in a group where one member seached flkr for .....certain sexual images.....bah...

and he put so many....


well, if so ..........please tell me....can i come in and give you an url to see...on flkr


I had four groups there and have many contacts that are private and there are so many people on there....



this photo is

Barbra Streisand playing Fannie Brice in Funny girl.

She is wearing a leopard vintage coat, and hat and more black fur trim on that ...collar and so on.



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Hey, sugarbarre!


Welcome to the Den!


We don't have any set schedule or rules for finding pictures. People just post the pictures they find in their travels while they surf. Different people have different tastes so, it works out better for us that way.


If you've got any questions about how to post pictures let me know.

If you can post pictures to Flickr, you probably know what you need to know to post pictures at the Fur Den. The process is very similar only we use a little different method. Once you get to know the way things work you'll be posting pictures like an old hand!


However, if you have troubles, be sure to let one of us know. We'll be glad to do what we can to help!

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i figured i would post the url to flkr

but i dont have any other way but my pc

anyway i cant get in gallery for a while to seee it


the guys hve been nice

i really can type...but its 1:30

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Yes, unfortunately it will be awhile before you can see the Gallery. That is part of our site security here.


Around the last Sunday of this month it will suddenly become available to you.


Great to see you on site. Hope you enjoy it here.



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thats the message

i thought that people would say cool or neat or ?

but no sure if im sending the url and anyone looks


does this change wih galley

wehn i joined big discussion abou ann margaret i lynx coat

caught me eye


since it was my photo


well that is what i thought would happen i cant tell if anyone sees it?


wel you are swell people and


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I well remember going to that movie and seeing that coat! Indeed, do I remember!!!


Funny, that I remember her in that coat. Yet don't remember anything else about that movie!



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