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Lynx in The Gallery

Guest OFF or Old Fur F##t

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I've already begun loading Lynx pictures in The Gallery. They will be in most Albums.


Some will be redo's but many are not yet in the Gallery.


Of course there are already many fine Lynx pictures throughout the Gallery and in the course of doing this I will make sure the word "Lynx" appears somewhere in it so they will all come up in a search of just "Lynx".


I hope we can gradually do this with all the pictures and we will make certain all future pictures are identified by fur type. One of those small oversights.


Would all members uploading their pictures try and remember to do this. It will help us out greatly.


Thank you all and enjoy your visits.




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Indeed this is a great idea. One that we had overlooked.


Just to point out that we are already a third of the way above that 14,000 mark to get to the 15. Let's get there soon folks!


Also, we are a third of the way from the last benchmark to get to the magic one million visitors in the Gallery. Would be neat to know who that individual was indeed!


I can remember when we were talking of site design in this place. I remember how great it would be to have a place where we could have two or three hundred photos available for folks to look at. It is pretty unbelievable that we will soon have 15,000 here!



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We currently have 527 Lynx pictures and I'm sure not all Lynx pictures are marked as such.


I'll most likely double this when I'm done with the Lynx furs.




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