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Good (semi-related) article worth reading ...


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Just come back from New Year's celebs, and found this link on my RSS / news list. It's not directly related to fur, but is an interesting read and proves to be some solid evidence towards the argument for using real fur over faux.




This article really hits hard the extent of the damage done from the use of plastic based materials.


I think what is so bad about the anti fur arguement personally is the fact it's very easy if you are anti fur to make statistics on the lines of a coat made from "x" needs "y" pelts. In contrast to the synthetic arguement, it's very hard to put a label to the extent of the damage done by synthetics because they take almost forever to degrade and it is impossible to track the damage done while a given piece of plastic degrades.


Anyway, it gives something to think about before bed on a NYE.

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Yes, it does make me mad how animal rights groups harp on about faux fur. It really highlights how uneducated and deluded this cult of idiots are. Next time I list something on eBay and get some animal rights hippy spam me about using faux fur, I'm going to feed them that link. It should at least make them STFU and maybe knock some sense into them

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