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Wisconsin Furs

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At the moment I can't afford any furs, but I can still go into stores and try them on cant I? I'm wondering what the best places to go in Wisconsin are for furs? (for men, I dont have the courage to try on some ladies silver fox as much as I want to! ) Thanks to all who respond! [/b]

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Let me answer a question with a question.


If you can't go into a furrier's store to look at and try on furs, how the heck are you supposed to know what kind of fur you are trying to save your money to buy?!


As long as you are respectful of others, don't pester the sales people too much and don't damage the merchandise, how can they refuse you?


Doesn't every good furrier know that the best advertisement is the merchandise itself?


I am saving up my money to buy my wife a nice fur coat. I'm not buying a fur just to have a fur. It would be money WASTED if I bought her a fur and she didn't wear it! I want my wife to LIKE the fur coat I buy her!


Every few months, we go on a road trip to look at furs and try them on. Even though we have not bought a fur coat, some of the sales people know us by name.


To be fair, if there are any other fur items in the store we like we will buy them. We have some really nice fur scarves and hats and headbands. We have found some really NICE fur Teddy Bears. (Check the avatar! )


So, even though we haven't dropped a couple-few thousand clams on a fur coat YET, we don't have any problem going into the store and telling the sales lady that we're just looking so we know what to save up our money for.

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I was asking where the best fur stores are in Wisconsin... of course I know you can try on furs in a store (as long as your respectful) I was asking that rhetorically.... so thanks for replying even though you didnt answer my question, so again where are the best fur stores in Wisconsin because I want to go try on some furs!

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I live in Wisconsin and the best furrier I have found is Weiss for Lakritz. They have two locations in Milwaukee, one on Appleton Avenue and one on Capital Drive in Brookfied. Hope this helps. I have worked with them in the past with very positive experiences. Let me know if you would like a fellow fur lover to join you. :D


Furry Dreams,



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You might also try our new Links page for Furriers. Just click "Links", and then click for the "Furriers" page.


A the end of each link you will see a location. Just look for "Wi, US", or Wisconsin US".


I know that you probably know most with living in that area and our list is far from complete. However, you might just pick up something there too.


By the way, don't be afraid to ask to try on a large woman's coat for to see how that fur looks on you. That is pretty standard practice in these stores. I have done it many times. In fact the staff often suggests that you do that.



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You might try eBay.


You can often get something for $100 or less!


I began doing this several years ago when I was in pretty bad financial shape and got some very good bargains and excellent furs.


Some of them wear today [modified of course].




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I have worked with them in the past with very positive experiences.


Furcrazy -- Interesting comment. I visited them earlier this month for the first time (they need a bigger sign -- they are easy to miss!). I was not overly impressed. Their list prices were outrageous ("average" Blackglama mink coats priced at $30,000 ... dyed black mink bomber jackets priced at $9,000). Every one of their men's ranch mink bombers was dyed (which I think usually indicates lower quality pelts were used in the construction) -- And all of the bombers were made in China. The staff was friendly and attentive ... But I had some concerns about prices and quality. Just my thoughts/experience.

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Unfortunately, most furriers have found these are the only ones which sell.


Few can afford New York/ Montreal made furs any longer. Most manufacturers no longer produce in North America. Plus, many of the furs from China are excellent. Most designers have their lines made there.


Many buyers are not educated enough to understand the issues of quality. Furriers have also learned if you try to educate "the masses" it causes them to fear buying and they simply walk away.


One note on China made dyed mink. Many times they are in "mink family" but are not mink at all. At least that was true a few years back. Assuming it is still that way. As you have said, all fur comes in various grades and quality. Being mink does not mean it is quality at all.


IMHO, true fur lovers either need their own local furrier(s) or to go to the Fur Districts often enough to develop relationships. Few can walk in and obtain the best pieces and price. Plus, we have talked about the "ethics" and sales methods used in the industry.



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Linda - I guess I have been fortunate. I have been able to get what I thought were very good deals on some fantastic American made garments over the past ~8 years. Instead of just griping about questionable furrier ethics, last year I decided to only do business with furriers that I think employ ethical business practices (which includes putting reasonable/realistic price tags on their garments).


It was all I could do to hold my tongue while visiting the furrier in question. They were having an end of season sale at 70% off the list price - But that simpy brought the majority of the garments down to what I would consider a reasonable "regular" price. I was wearing my mahogany mink jacket that day -- I think it's a really terrific jacket (34" beautiful American female pelt mahogany mink jacket manufactured in the workroom of the furrier I purchased it from just two weeks prior to my visit). I couldn't help but compare the quality and price of their "clearance" jackets to my own. Their China produced male mink jackets were on "sale" for $2700 -- The price of my (in my mind) superior quality female mink jacket was over 25% less than their "sale" price. I left there feeling slightly smug.


Granted, some China produced garments are top notch ... But many are not. Given the bad rap Chinese goods have gotten recently (from dangerous toys to poisonous toothpastes) I have been trying to avoid purchasing Chinese produced goods whenever feasible (which, unfortunately, is easier said than done).

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