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pm's used to broadcast info on other sites prohibited

White Fox

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It has come to our attention that our PM system is being used to publicize other sites. We allowed this for awhile hoping that it would stop but it has not.


Folks, members come to this site to relax. To get away from annoying phone calls. Not to see spam messages in their emails.


We have a forum for these posts of this type (Market Place and No Spam Zone), and messages are allowed there as long as the posters recognize our site in return.


From here on in, anyone continually using our PM system to publicize other sites will risk having their pm facilities turned off until they email us with a pledge that they will no longer take part in this activity or they may in fact be banned. We hate to do this, but we do not intend to have our members bombarded with Spam messages in their PMs from other web sites. Again, we have a forum for that - The Market Place and No Spam Zone! Similar messages can be posted there as long as our site is recognized now and then in return.


I know that everyone hates rules, and I do as well. However, I am certain that no one here wants Pm's with Spam, so we have no other choice here. We will not be posting a rule on this, as this is just standard internet protocol. Common courtesy tells us we should not do this.





Thanks all


White Fox


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White Fox;


Let me ask for a clarification on this.


You are talking about people who send out messages to many different members asking them to visit other websites.


You are NOT talking about people who share web links among friends via the PM system.



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Exactly. But if a moderator/administrator/owner of a site sends a message to a number of members of the Den about a site he/she owns telling them about their site that is spam.


If I were to go to Mikhail's site and contact members individually about our site and ask them to come here that is spam.


If I go to Mikhail's site and see a member asking a question about this site. Then, reply to them to help answer their question, that is NOT spam. We want to be reasonable here.


We just will not allow members here to start contacting everyone about their site via pm's. That is what our Marketplace No Spam Forum is about.


Hope that helps.




P.S. If your PM facilities have been turned off, if you contact one of our moderators and give them your word that you will not send further messages like this we will turn your PM facilities back on immediately.

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