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Happy New Year to all!!


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I went to a New Year's Day concert today and, Boy! Let me tell you!

The furs were out in force!


I walked into the lobby and looked around. All the people were milling around before the show started. I saw no less than six women wearing fur coats all in the same place!


There were three or four more furs in the coat room and, by the time I made it into the auditorium I counted, probably a DOZEN fur coats!


There were also at least a dozen other people who wore fur hats or coats with fox fur trim around the collars and cuffs and hoods. (This doesn't include all the posers who wore fake fur hats and trims. I counted.)


So, for me, it was a very good fur day.


A very good start to a Happy New Year!

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Say folks. Do you suppose it might have been his anniversary too? Best wishes Worker and the same to your wife. (Poor GaL )


With that, gotta stop posting here again. Been posting here too much lately.



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