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A fur book for Christmas


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"Ladies in Furs: 1940 - 1990" by Anna Munnichi. It is a rather historic review of the offerings of major furriers and fashion houses for the fifty year period. If you have an interest in greater understanding of how we got to where we are fashion wise, this is a must read. It is full of pics, though probably not as many of the "power fur" era as our group would prefer. This is a serious work, not a fetish work, part of a compendium of fashion and costume for academic and research purposes. An excellent bibilography and end notes.


I recommend it highly for the serious connisseur. Available from Amazon or Alibris.


She also wrote "Mens Furs" and I have read it at the library, but it is not what I'm interested in. WHy is it we prefer womens furs?

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I've had the book for several years and love it.


The same author also has written Ladies in Fur 1900-1940.




PS - I think my review is in Wiki.

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Hi Triboy


I have the Ladies in fur 1940-1990 book as well. It is a very nice edition with great images that I have not seen elsewhere. I recommend it .




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