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An e-card for my Fur Friends


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To my fur friends. Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. Please just give us all a little time.


Remember only those we care about can hurt us. Sooner or later, without ever meaning to, we have misunderstandings. And, if you don't care enough you just move on.


But, then there comes the time when you realize that this time you cannot just move on. You care too much.


I do not know what I have left to give. Or, how I even fit in anymore.


I know one thing, I cannot just leave and turn my back on the group when they are in pain.


So, for now I guess one thing I can do is to try to post once in awhile. Things that may remind us why were all care so much.


I found this e-card that I wanted you all to read.





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For somebody I don't know very well, even as a "Net Buddy", you have still had an effect on me.


I can only imagine your feelings but that's just it. I CAN imagine them.

If you feel nearly as bad as I imagine I am deeply sorry. My heart goes out to you!


I understand if being here makes you feel bad but I add my voice to the chorus: "We want you to stay around!"

Maybe you could just lurk us annonymously for a while then, if you feel so motivated, you can post with us again later.


You might think it corny or stupid but please consider reading that "Sundial" poem I posted a while back. It is an Existentialist poem meant for contemplation. That silly little poem has pulled me out of the depths of despair more times than I can count.


Words are the only thing I can give you over such a great distance. I hope those words can help you as much as they have helped me.


Take care! You are in my prayers!

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Hi Linda,

Your card is so sweet and so very true. I hope you know you're dear to us weather you're here or not. The impact you've had on us all is just like the furs we love, soft, warm and so lush.

I know you won't be able to stay away. I can't even though I'm so busy. Always feel welcome here, Dear Friend.


-hugs & kisses-


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Hey Linda!!


Got to admit - even though we haven't chatted that much, i like to think of you as a friend Heck, pretty much everyone here are my friends!! Do hope you do swing by, even if it's only just once in a while - feel free to drop me or anyone else a line - am sure we would all like to hear from you!!




Now, if you'll excuse me - i've got to let the cat in!!

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