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High Pressure Sales. A continuation from the Den

White Fox

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Ok. I am starting a second thread here on a topic. I do not want the thread in the main Den Forum to go off target as it is a terrific thread. But I think this subject is very worth mentioning.


Also, although we do not see the wool folks here much, I hope that some might find the topic here.


High Pressure Sales


We have a store in Canada called "Future Shop". I am not certain if it is in the USA. It is another store owned by the same people as "Best Buy". However, Future Shop people work under commission. UNFORTUNATELY!


Here is an example.


Awhile back I went to a store to pick up some speaker wire. Just ordinary lamp cord. I was promptly told by the salesman that I had to buy the special speaker cable at something like $4.00 per meter because if I didn't my house insurance would be no good! This was of course total insanity! I was so glad that I was with the gal buying it as I was able to steer her away. We left the $200 cable he was trying to sell me and went to the local hardware and got what we needed for something like $20. The guy was outright lying. Worst was that when I told him he just kept going on worse. I have even had sales people in that chain gang up backing up each other with some of the worst outright lies that I have ever heard.


I have seen their questionair that every person working for them must fill out first. They ask the stupidest questions to prove you will not cheat the store. For instance, if you find a quarter in a coke machine would you put it into the coke machine to give it to the company. When I told them the question did not make sense as you would just be putting in change toward another product they began to get rather almost angry. Totally stupid questions like that!




Once you are interviewed and get a job with that chain you are forced to take a course on lying! Honestly that is true! They actually teach their employees how to lie! I've talked to people who took that course. (It is possible that only a few of their stores use this tactic rather than the full chain.)


You might well guess that I almost NEVER darken their door any more.


It is so unfortunate that some sales people think that they have to use those tactics to sell something any more. Even furs. When, if they use honesty, and simple friendly talk, they can sell just as much and maybe more. So sad!


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Good call, White Fox! Talk about a dysfunctional economy where a business like that might thrive. By staying away, you hold 'em accountable.


Anyone here read High Probability Selling?




When I read it, several times tears came to my eyes. Imagining selling being about honoring the dignity of both buyer and seller and the integrity of their relationship seemed idealistic. But I believe there are people who practice business on such terms and are successful.


One thing I was wondering

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My post on Ungar Fur is precisely to this point.


A man how does this most graciously.


The best sales I've had for myself are the ones where I unsold for sound reasons only to have the client want more and better.


Integrity has to be your best sales tool.




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I have had sales people in stores like that try to tell me the same thing.


I told the guy that I am a professional audio technician but he STILL kept trying to tell me this cock and bull story about "oxygenated copper" having better "frequency transmission properties."


Right in the middle of the store, I looked him in the eye said, "You're so full of $#!+ your eyes are brown!"


If anybody here has any doubt I will tell you right now...


I am trained and qualified by Dolby Labs to install, calibrate, repair and operate Dolby Digital Theater Equipment. I'm talking MOVIE THEATER equipment, NOT that piddly little "Surround Sound" junk they sell to the public.


Nowhere does Dolby specify that any kind of connection cable be used except standard twisted copper wire with ground conductors and shields. Not for their movie theater equipment. Not for their studio equipment. Not for their broadcast equipment.


And, if Dolby Labs, the undisputed KING OF MOVIE SOUND does not require the use of expensive exotic cables to connect their equipment together there is NO REASON for the consumer to use it either!



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I love to see it when these creeps get caught like that. But of course they come back how they have been trained in "Audio" and been working in it for 5 years and all this stuff. As if that means anything.


I was really glad I was with the gal I was with that day. She would have actually bought that crap if I had not been there!



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But of course they come back how they have been trained in "Audio" and been working in it for 5 years and all this stuff. As if that means anything.


Simple! Ask them what the Common Mode Rejection Ratio is.


There is only one answer: None!


Since they are selling you unbalanced wires there is no Common Mode Rejection Ratio. The CMRR for unbalanced lines is undefined. Only a balanced pair like the kind PROFESSIONAL audio technician would use has a CMRR.


If they give you any answer but that they are chumps!

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