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No problem that way. It is just that so many old skills are being lost today. I so much wish that I had them. How many people know how to sharpen a plane, chisel, gouge, or scraper today? How many know how to make a dovetail joint without all of that fancy equipment available? How many know how to actually laminate a single piece of broken lumber to strengthen it and make it actually stronger even though it was broken once?


Just so many lost skills. And with one more generation it will be so very much worse!



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You know I never did take shop in high school, I had to take it in middle school and the only time we got to use the machines was when we got to make race cars, which we got to race at the end of the semester and my car beat everyones!

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You're so right.


I never took shop in high school. Not wood, not metal, nothing. I went to a very small school and we had to take courses at the local vo-tech...which my parent's wouldn't let me do. It was a difficult battle, and I lost. This was, of course, before I truly wanted to become an architect. My first year of college was truly a revolution...they had the most incredible shop facilities I had ever seen, yet I hadn't a clue how to begin to use the tools. It took me about five or six months before I became comfortable, and even with the most rudimentary skills (such as cutting 45" miters for frames... ). Finally, my fifth year I interned at a local professional model shop and realized how craftsmanship, even among model-builders, is being completely overwritten by designs and "fudging" processes that have little or no reference to the process of making!


Now we have laser-cutters ("lazy" cutters...?) and CNC fabricators and all that jazz...just sit at the computer and watch the machine make your model. Or is there a new era of 3D craft arriving where the digital fabrication is only a part of the new carpentry process?



I would love to work in a craft-oriented environment after building some serious carpentry skills...



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