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Dittrich Furs: News Story on their classic commercials


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For those that live in the Metro Detroit Area, or close enough to get local TV signals, you are familiar with the Dittrich Fur commercials made in the 70s, which have run every winter since they were first aired. They include ladies skiing, riding horse back and just looking gorgeous in full furs.


As a young boy, I stopped whatever I was doing and focused on the furs, transfixed if only for 60 seconds. Fortunately, they are still running and STILL have the same effect on me over 30 years later.


The other night a local field reporter did a retrospective on these famous commercials. Here is a link I am proud to share with all Fur Den patrons. There is nothing 'adult' about the spot, just sit back and enjoy.




Happy Holidays

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Thanks for posting this!!!!


I love the pseudointentional freudian slip at the end... "...with your Fox fur...uh, focus...".


I don't know if I'd like to go skiing in furs, though...maybe I'll find something after my winter eBay fur sell-off.



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A news story from Fox that didn't make me puke, or make my head explode from tracking logical fallacies.


There is hope for America.

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Well, my head just about exploded when the guy picked up a roll of irreplaceable original film from one of his commercials with his bare hands!


You can't DO that! You'll ruin it!

You can't remove fingerprints from film, let alone all the crap on his hands! You've got to wear white gloves, just like they do in museums when they handle the artifacts!

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Terrific find ... Thanks fur sharing.


Beautiful furs were stunningly presented in those commercials.


I've been to Dittrich ... But never had the pleasure of viewing any of their commercials before.

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Worker, email him pronto!


To paraphrase the late DeForest Kelley (er...Leonard McCoy), "he's a furrier, not a projectionist!".


I'm watching the video every chance I get.



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I am glad so many have found the joy in these commercials and this news spot. These commercials have been like a warm, comforting fur blanket to me each time I viewed them.


Worker, it is okay, all of the film was transfered to tape and then digitized long ago. The film was most likely useless at that point anyway, as it was not properly stored. Unlike his wife's fur, which has been properly cared for all these years. It was a small smile of joy to realize the very same fur used in the horse back riding scenes is still cared for and loved. I understand your point, that it should have been handled properly and cared for through the years, but we have this spot and the commercials to enjoy in our 'digital age' now.


Does anyone out there know how to capture a streaming video? If so, is this something we can place on the site here if it is not too large? If only for a little while even, so we can download it to our own systems. Just a thought and interested in your feedback.



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Just to let everyone know, we are attempting to capture that video. If we are successful, we may store it for awhile before we actually post it. (We do not want to violate copyright, etc.)


Unfortunately it will be a bit over our size limits. However, possibly we could gain enough by chopping the very end and the beginning to make it work, or otherwise we could post it in two pieces, etc.


At the moment we still have problems with saving it re the sound. But we believe that with time we will be ok.


By the way, Worker is good with these. However, there are times when he is very busy. Is there anyone else here with experience doing this? Converting videos from one format to another. Compressing them. etc.


If so, please let us know. You could help us out here in that area. Due to space used, we cannot store large numbers of those. (13,000 pictures take a lot of space!) But we do intend to make much better use of that area, by enlarging it, revolving videos, etc.



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Film that was made 50 or even 100 years ago can be played in most modern movie projectors with only a few modifications. Properly stored, film can last hundreds of years. In fact, some of the first movies ever made are STILL viewable, long after the people who made them have been dead.


Just TRY to do that with video!


I'll give you a video tape that was made only 10 years ago and I bet you will have a hard time finding something to play it in. Anybody got a 5-1/4 inch floppy disk they want to get data from? Good luck!


Video tape degrades just by sitting there, even in PERFECT storage conditions! The magnetic particles actually demagnetize themselves. Even the venerable DVD degrades over time. The average lifetime of a piece of video tape, under perfect storage conditions, is 10 years. The average lifetime of a DVD-R/CD-R is predicted to be between 50-75 years but we don't know for sure because the technology hasn't been around long enough to prove its longevity.


I am fairly certain that the film he had in that video wasn't the originals. The original must be stored in a temperature controlled vault somewhere. (Just like furs!)

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  • 4 weeks later...

Boy, that would be great if we could save this.


I cannot access the video. I seem to always have trouble with flash player loading (and yes, i have tried everything on the troubleshooting web page). Does any one else have trouble with Flash Player?


I hate missing all these videos.


BTW, I grew up in Detroit and am glad these folks are stil in buisness!

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IcePilot. As you probably know from watching the approaching videos when we working on that area of our Gallery, it took a long time to bring that on. Many times they did not work for folks in the Gallery. Most folks can see them now but I have to stress "MOST"!


***Right now Worker is not around much for a few days. However, I suggest that you give him a PM and he will help you work through this. It is a product of having the correct "Player" to work with your system and above all to work with the videos as well.


In the mean time, if you do not have Quick Time loaded on your computer I suggest that you try that. Most times it works, but again I stress that it does not work every time. All you need is the basic free version. You do not have to pay for it.


Hope that helps. If it doesn't be sure to contact Worker about your problem and I am sure he will help you out when he is available again.


White Fox

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