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'Layers' ?


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If ya wouldn't mind answering a question for a newbie:


What are your thoughts on layering your furs, especially when mustering up the courage to go out in public 'all dressed up'?


My thoughts on this are: if you're gonna attract attention by wearing a long haired fur in the first place, is it really worth worrying over letting on that you, the wearer, think there's no such thing as 'too much fur'?


In my case, I find it a little nerve-racking to even venture out into the general public wearing my full length fox in the first place. So, if I'm gonna do it, I may as well wrap a 100" matching boa around my neck (possibly tucking into the coat, or not), rest a matching stole over the shoulders of said coat, donning leather gloves with matching trim, then finally topping all that off with an impressive (quite tall & full) matching hat. All silver fox.


What would you think if you saw me walking down the street on a cold winter's day? Would you think I'm tastefully accessorized, or completely over the top?

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Everyone is free to wear what they wish in this world. I myself though find that if I dress "Normally" in fur, that it is accepted and I can wear it anywhere. Where as if you push things too far like that I think you might find people staring or giving more antifur comments, etc.


In other words, wear a little less and you can wear fur almost everywhere. Push it too far, and you might find you are not wearing it at all.



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Was that what you thought or what you thought about what antis or undecideds might think of someone dressed that way?




If it's all silver fox I'd be asking myself if maybe that person really really really likes silver fox. I'd be wondering if they never saw other varieties. The silver on silver would kind of get lost. I'd wonder why there wasn't some white or black fox there, too.


I'd also probably not forget having seen a person wrapped up that way and be grateful for the memory.


Take it easy, Anxious! Be yourself and let people think what they will. If the extras are yourself, let it be. If they're anxiety, I'm guessing you can do without.



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Exactly. That is me only.


I have though noticed that if you are wearing a coat that looks good on you for instance, you fit in and can enjoy it at any time. In my case at least, if I felt uneasy because everyone thought I would look "Different", I imagine that I would get uneasy and not wear fur at all.


Again though, that is only my opinion. I just like to see people wearing fur as often as possible.

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Well, a basic fashion rule is, if you are going to wear a statement piece, keep everything else low-key. And, if you are going to accessorize, keep it to one piece (for instance, women should not wear fur boots, fur bag, and fur hat). This goes for any trend, not just fur. Like it or not, your full length fox (congrats, by the way) is a statement piece, so you should save the other fur accessories for when you wear your wool or leather coats.

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I too am nervous about goijng out in the public eye, as to what others may think, not just in furs, but in 4" heels too! Not quite made it yet.

However, now its freezing, I have had my 7ft white fox boa on a few times out and about, and honestly I have not noticed anyone even look twice.

Go out there, and if you want to fit in and not attract too much attention, keep it simple, and low key. Just the one coat, OR the boa and hat maybe.

All credit to you if you do get out there fully wrapped up, but I'd expect a few glances, although most of them will be jealous ones I'd say!


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I suppose I have no sense LOL


But as a 20 year vet, I think NOTHING of wearing whatever fur I want in public....


The women love the confidence...

What are they going to BTW?


F*** em go for it...

be warm and comfortable...


Thats my vote



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