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I should know the answer but.... why is .wmv forbidden?

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My old high school teacher always told me.


If all else fails and you don't know the answer to a question, it is usually either "6" or "no". Whichever fits best!


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Because the gallery uses Active-X code to embed videos into it's web pages.


There are certain quirks about Active-X that causes it to malfunction on some computers. If you embed a Windows Media file into the gallery, it will try to use Active-X to control the user's computer as it plays. A lot of peoples' computers will not read the file.


In order to head of 10,000 questions about why such-and-such video doesn't work, we just stopped using WMV files.


We looked into a solution for this but were unable to find one that worked well for the majority of users. After a while we just gave up.


However, if you REALLY want to have WMV files in the gallery, we could redouble our efforts to solve the problem. It will take a for us (me) to research the question.


Can you translate the file into a MP4? That's a much better and more universally supported format than WMV.


Send me a link to the file. I can take a look at it.

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