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Guest OFF or Old Fur F##t

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When we began this site I thought of how it would be so great to have as many as 200 fur photos available for members to see. And, now we have 13,000! That to me is unbelievable for a little site like ours to have 13,000 photos here. And even more unbelievable is that there are so many that are different from the ones on other fur sites on the net.


We keep getting so many fabulous photos though. Like this one...






And this..........






Or This.........






Talk about fantastic images of people enjoying fur! Indeed there have been some really superb photos lately.


Also, I want to thank our Photo Mods for the fantastic work they do on that site.


I really hope that everyone enjoys the Gallery as much as I do!


White Fox

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I for one... totaly support this site and the Gallery, I would urge anyone who loves fur pictures to visit the gallery...


It is a peaceful place of heaven for fur lovers...


13000 visitors would make a huge fur party!!!! we would need a mountain side just to host the barbeque!


Fur den rocks!





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