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Designing Women on TVLand


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Tonight, December 6, on Designing Women, Delta Burke, playing the character Suzanne Sugarbaker spent about 10 minutes in a full length mink with black fox sleeves and tuxedo. I mention this because this series was made during the fab 80s when power furs ruled. The first season of this sitcom featured the actresses in furs frequently.


I'm much enamored of the "Suzanne" character, and featured her prominently in a fur story that is on the French story site, "Wally Meets Designing Women." BTW that is an xrated story, so if that thing offends your please stay away.

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Designing Women is one of my all time favorite TV shows ... And Suzanne Sugarbaker one of my favorite TV characters.


Classic Suzanne Lines ...


Suzanne: I got pulled over this morning for having all the mirrors in the Mercedes turned so I could see myself.


Suzanne: I never use catalogs. I'd rather go in the store and see all the salespeople groveling and sucking up to you.


[suzanne modeling a fur pull-over]

protestor: 50 animals died because of that coat!

Suzanne: Wanna make it 51?


I concur ... Suzanne knew how to wear fur.

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