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Personally I'm high and dry but there is much disaster around.


I-5 is washed out at Centralia with a huge amount of flooding from northern Washington down to Eugene, Oregon.


There is record rain fall in many weather stations in Western Washington and Oregon.


Thanks for the concern as amny will not have a very merry Christmas.




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The weather has been crazy around here this week. Saturday we had snow and some wind then the rain and wind kicked in on Sunday right up thru Monday.........Since we are in Vancouver, Washington and high enough it hasn't been horrible here.........The only plus side to the closing o]f I-5 is that my commute from Portland to Vancouver in the evenings has been fairly light.

UInfortunately those that live out toward the coast have not fared as well........lots of people still don't have power and lots of homes with water in them.........What great timing just before Christmas for these people

We are supposed to be getting sunny but colder weather up thru the weekend.



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When you guys get record rainfall, it's a helldousing flushing of the heavenly hydrant. Glad so far you've not been at the wettest part of it and best wishes.



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