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New Flickr: one of many


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Fur, I have to say,this coat was really was beautiful


This reminds me of a similar picture I took in February in Manhattan. I was walking through Times Square after picking up my MacBook Pro from repair at the Apple Store 59th street. A tall, bearded gentleman in his 40s walks toward me a handsome full-length coyote coat. I was wearing my mink/red-fox mittens. I asked him if I could take his picture and he happily agreed; I took three, and then he tried on my mittens.


His coat was the softest coyote I've ever felt. Maybe it was the cold air...maybe it was just a super-high quality pelt.


Oh, and...


I lost the flash drive with all my photos from my USA trip that month at a Chinese New Year party, dammit. Including most of my Rome pictures from January.


Dammit. Oh, well. It's going to be a great fur season.

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