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Some memories...


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I enjoyed reading Galanos' posting about Chicago and thought I would recount some of my most memorable or amusing moments/sightings -- a number of which involve men wearing fur (personally, I am hetero- and still a bit shy of wearing, say, full-length out-and-about, though I do love to wear my reversible mink/leather bomber as often as possible)


Within my first few weeks of living in Beantown's North End (years ago) I was amazed, one frigid morning, to encounter an apparently-affluent-looking man strolling down Salem Street in a new (I'm sure it was) mahogany mink coat, very full-length. He gave the impression of being, perhaps, a mobster and was looking so pleased with himself -- or his new coat? I have never forgotten that one!


Another time, on Newbury Street, I walked behind a middle-aged couple, wearing full-length ranch minks! Yet another time on that same street (it is trendy one in Boston) I passed a couple -- him also in ranch mink and her in full-length sable! caught my attention, I can tell you!


I have, too, a memory of going up into the WTC late one wintery Friday afternoon, just as most people were leaving work, and there passed by me on the opposite escalator, going down, a young man in black mink coat -- very elegant and much-noticed by people around. Then, another time, in Manhattan with the then-current girlffriend, we passed by a fashionable black couple on 57th Street (I am not racist; but I detest adjectives such as "coloured" or the phrase "of colour" or the even worse "Afro-American") -- the man was wearing a gorgeous mink coat that we both admired and my companion paid him a compliment: he was very chuffed!


I remember the senior matron I watched (and even photographed) dashing across Fifth Avenue, some winters ago, as she dodged the taxicabs -- she was wearing a beautiful sable coat! Perhaps the most memorable sable, though, was the time I walked around a corner, somewhere near Columbus Circle as it was getting dark, and there were a young-ish couple necking: she was wearing a floor-length sable that made my knees go weak! I wished I had been in shoes!


Then there was the time, after walking in Central Park, to see Christo's Gates, that we saw two model-types getting out of a stretch limo under the trees along Fifth Avenue and presumably about to go into the park: both were wearing long mink coats; but the one (in blue iris?) was having a hell of a time getting her micro-dress to stay down underneath! She was pulling and tugging, believe me! And both of them so tall -- so much fur!


Yes, I have had some fun in the old Ritz shop -- shame that it has gone. What wonderful stock they used to have. Is there anywhere else along those lines, I wonder?


I shall try to post more often; but I don't find as much time to spend here as I should like...the cold has arrived in the northeast, now, of course. Our nights have been really chilly lately. Music to the ears of most here?

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Hi Mainlymink,


The Ritz Thrift Shop's building may be gone, but two of the men who worked there for years bought the business and relocated it to the fur district on 7th Ave. near 30th St. They have a website (though not much of one). I haven't been to the new location yet (I always seem to end up at other furriers) but I suspect it is worth a visit. Meanwhile, Henry Cowit and Son on West 29th Street, around the corner from the Ritz, is a ground-level furrier with the largest stock of second-hand furs in the city. The 3 guys there (two are sons of Henry Cowit...or maybe grandsons?) are all very nice and helpful, and it's a totally unpretentious place. I have bought many furs from them in the past few years, and the prices have been amazing. Once they know you want to be a regular customer, Larry Cowit (the primary sales guy) will work with you on price. I should add that every January (maybe Feb.) they have a huge auction to reduce their stock. They let their regular customers know via postcard and let them come in a day or two before the viewing to buy stuff without having to bid on it. That's where I made several great scores.


Happy hunting and enjoy the cold, now that it's here!



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