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Christmas Charity Cards ~~ Rip Off !!!! (please read this)


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I agree with that! Not just for Oxfam. But every charity.


In my family, we give money to our local organizations, directly.

My wife and I give to "Good Bears of the World" and to some others. But, every year we get letters in our paychecks asking us to give to the United Way. We always say NO. Then everybody always looks at us like we're a bunch of Scrooges.


I always answer by asking them, "Wouldn't you rather have ALL of your money go to the charity YOU care about?"


I'm not NECESSARILY against an organization covering their own costs in doing the fund raising but I'd rather have ALL of it go where I want.


Even if the fund raising organization gave 90% to the charity and only kept 10% for itself, wouldn't you rather your charity get 100%?


I'd like to see some vital statistics on those organizations you talk about!

4%??? That's so low as to be almost criminal!

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I agree with you but I accept that charities must fund their shops, etc ~ I have no problem with that at all.


For example Oxfam 'donates' 80% of the money to the cause itself. 10% is for running costs (fair anough) and 10% is for future development (example the development of their website) - again I have no preblem with that.


Their are loads fo charities that sell their own cards ~ all I ask is that people give direct and not to the Tesco B***rds

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Yeah I am a fan of the Salvation Army too ~ good suggestion.


It never ceases to amaze me though how companies get away with ripping off decent charities and the public fall for it each year!!!!!!!!

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