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Fake or Fur?

Worker 11811

Is it FAKE or is it FUR?  

21 members have voted

  1. 1. Is it FAKE or is it FUR?

    • Fake.
    • Fur.

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Time to play the "Fake or Fur" game!


The rules are simple: Take a look at the picture below. Tell us what you think? Is it fake? Or is it fur?



(Click the pic!)


Don't just answer "Fake" or "Fur". Give us your reasoning too!


At first, I looked at it and thought it was fake. Then I looked again and thought that it might be sheepskin or something like llama or alpaca.


If it's REAL fur, it stays in the gallery. If it's FAKE... Bye bye, Baby!

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In my opinion, I'd have to definitely say fake. Not the least bit furry, comfy/cozy, or inviting. I won't be saving this one. But that's of course only my thoughts. Thanks for posting regardless.




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I think the "fur" is fake. The matting pattern is similar to what can happen to a thick sheepskin if not maintained. However, the one part of the pile that is not matted is too long for any fur except Islandic sheepskin, but the density or "hairs" per square inch appears too high for Islandic sheepskin.

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Actually for me it's not fur even if it is genuine woolskin. That's a semantic difference, I guess. I generally don't care for woolskin as I do for furskin. So I know it's not fur by what I consider fur, but I can't be certain it's not real sheepskin of some mangled sort or other. Since I couldn't vote for simply "not fur," I voted the next best thing of fake.


As for the person featured, well I chose not to scroll to where I'd see all of her--not sure of what was there in the thumbnail. If she's real, I'm most real and true to my inner child not to want to see her in that situation, seeing I don't know her, let alone know what she felt lying there for the photo. For me to be functionally there with anyone in such a setting, I would have to care about how she feels.


That's my take on it and not intended as judging anoyone else's.



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The Shaggy Carparilla sprang full blown from the fertile imagination of a young Interior Design student whos father ran a plastics plant in the late 40's






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For me to be functionally there with anyone in such a setting, I would have to care about how she feels.


frugalfurguy, You sure are one heck of an empathetic guy!

I really like that quality in a person. Any woman who ends up with you as her man surely will be lucky. If she turns out to be a fur lover... Well, WATCH OUT!




You know, I thought this would be an easy picture to identify but I never imagined it would be THIS easy! Wow! A vote of 14 to 1 against!


You guys are GOOD!


I'm going to have to look harder for another picture that won't be so easy for you to guess!


If anybody has suggestions, go ahead and upload to the gallery and put the phrase "Fake or fur?" in the comment box.

I'll try to make sure that the member who submits the picture gets credit.

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Possibility that it is real sheepskin of some sort, but I have always had a hard time considering this to be fur, although it is classified as such in the fur industry. I will go with faux for this reason.

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